Franko Washboard Jackson’s love of life and playing music was contagious. To John Reinlie, Neil Sebree & Jerad Reynold he was a musical mentor, artistic role model, and above all a great friend. So in his

Comprised of talented musicians hailing from Walton County, Florida, this band is fueled by the magic of the washboard, fiddle, and guitar. John Reinlie, Neil Sebree and Jerad Reynolds showcase their heartfelt admiration for iconic American songs of jug band music, country blues, New Orleans jazz blues, bluegrass, country & western, old timey, and countless others. With a combination of diverse styles, lifelong camaraderie, and a sarcastic sense of humor on stage, Big Phun performances are always different and always fun.

Neil Sebree

John Reinlie

Jerad Reynolds

four men with beards singing and playing banjos

Based out of Freeport, Florida, Big Phun performs regularly in South Walton County on 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Destin, Panama City and throughout the Southwest United States.

Big Phun is a talented trio that creates music influenced by American music history and its roots. They use a range of instruments, including washboard, fiddle, guitar, kazoo, mandolin, banjo, synthesizers, and more. Their shared love for music and experiences in Florida's Emerald Coast bring them together. They incorporate their influences into their songs, which hold personal and cultural significance. In addition to their passion for music, their careers as working musicians have taught them the importance of humility and not taking themselves too seriously. In today's music industry, it's easy to forget the joy of creating music amidst the pursuit of profit. However, Big Phun remains dedicated to their craft and continues to evolve both on and off the stage. With their sarcastic camaraderie and extensive song collection, their performances are energetic, memorable, and always evolving.